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About us

QAnT Consulting is a software testing and quality assurance company.

We provide a wide range of standalone and web application testing services, from independent
software QA consulting to business solutions testing. QAnT Consulting employs a team of
professionals who specialise in different domains.

Outsourcing your project testing to QAnT Consulting will give you the following advantages:

  • Reduce project risk.
  • Minimize your software project implementation cost up to 60%.
  • Save expenses on staff, infrastructure and training.
  • Adjust your software to be client-friendly, bug-free and adequate to your business needs.
  • QAnT Consulting is a dedicated testing company. We develop methodologies and processes
    that are optimized for testing and test automation while enhancing quality. We use dedicated
    teams for each of our clients to better anticipate and respond to the client needs.

    QAnT Consulting